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Mark was hired to oversee the in-house Content team. First Team also provided staff to oversee digital design and mobile app content services for the charity.  We:

  • Overhauled design and content strategy for the 2020 Laureus World Sports Awards

  • Introduced new video formats and optimised workflows across design and video which generated seven times more engagement and 3.6 times more discussions across social media compared to 2019

  • Generated Laureus’ best-ever performing tweet (9.8k retweets and 37,000 likes)

  • Produced their most-watched Instagram video ever (1.5m views) and most watched Story ever (over 2m views and 3x more engagement than previous best)

  • Boosted Instagram followers by 20,000 over awards week vs 8,000 last year

  • Generated a 96% increase in Instagram engagement and 77% higher video views across all platforms

  • Established benchmarks and success criteria to measure the performance of new strategies

Laureus social media rebrand.jpg
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